Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

KSE is a very cat friendly station and all our cats have started off feral, but have gradually been trained in the ways of railway operations and have become welcoming to humans.

Rabbit: Our first station cat was 'Rabbit' who was on the site in 1997 when we moved in and she was a real character. Below are some of our favourite pictures of 'Rabbit' at work on the KSE site. She died in 2010, but is fondly remembered and has been succeeded by two black and white scoundrels called 'Quaker' and 'Oates'. 'Rabbit' was so named after her habit of bring us freshly killed rabbits and placing them in the smoke-box of the Peckett!

Track-work inspection duties

Observing the working at height directive

Checking that the fire buckets are filled

Quaker: was instructed by 'Rabbit' in the roles of a station cat and she is now the senior station cat at KSE. She was named by one of our young volunteers as she is black and white and was found on the Darlington platform of the train-shed in 2009. Darlington is a local football team who play in black and white and are nicknamed 'the Quakers'. The following pictures show 'Quaker' in action at KSE.

Quaker learning the trade from Rabbit

Oates: arrived at KSE in 2013 and had clearly been abused in the past as he was very fearful of humans and had a strange walk due to previous injuries to his front legs. Over time he has became more sociable and enjoyed greeting visitors (as long as they didn't try to stroke him). He and Quaker hade a love hate relationship but were often be seen close to each other - especially if the locomotive had been in steam. Unbfortunately Oates had to be put to sleep in February 2016 due to his age which was estimated to be at least 17 years. He is buried in the picnic area overlooking the train station.