Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

We run industrial diesel locomotives at KSE as our operating line is less than one mile long and we have very tight curves (this situation will change in the future). Our locomotives were manufactured by the FC Hibberd Factory in London and the Yorkshire Engine Company (YEC) based in Sheffield.

To learn more about FC Hibberd works please follow this link to the Industrial Railway Society archives. 

YEC was a small independent locomotive manufacturer which was established in 1965. It built steam locomotive from 1865 - 1956 and diesel locomotives from 1950 - 1965. It produced 0-4-0 STs and 0-6-0 STs for the UK market and their main customers were the collieries and steel works in Yorkshire, In the 1890s they began supplying the railways in Chile, Peru and India. Their UK customers included the GNR, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, GER, LNER, GWR and BR and they constructed narrow gauge locomotives for the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.  In 1948 YEC was purchased by United Steel Companies Ltd and started manufacturing diesel electric locomotives with Rolls Royce engines. None of the locomotives were given a class or type but several were given names. In 1965 the rights to YEC designs were sold to Rolls Royce at Shrewsbury and they ceased locomotive production in 1971. In 1988 the name 'Yorkshire Engine Company' was re-registered as a business hiring industrial locomotives and they were responsible for hiring out the Planet diesel 'Elizabeth' (see below).

 0-4-0 Hibberd Planet DM 'Elizabeth'

This locomotive arrived in February 2004 and is privately owned. In 1962 it was delivered new to Hartley Quarry which is less than a mile east of KSE and at that time was named 'Elizabeth' after the quarry owner's daughter. It's original engine was replaced soon after arrival at Hartley Quarry by a Leyland bus engine and the locomotive has had a very colourful history of service all over the UK.

These two pictures show the Planet diesel 'Elizabeth' at Kirkby Stephen East and at Merrygill in the 1960s. The gentleman pictured in each is the same person and worked at Hartley Quarry as a locomotive driver.

Operational History

  • 1962 - 1975 - Hartley Quarry , Near Kirkby Stephen
  • 1975 - sold to Thomas Hills of Kilnhurst
  • 1976 - sold to Tees storage Middlesbrough - renamed 'Tees Maid'
  • 1992 - sold to the Yorkshire Engine Company for use as hire locomotive
    • 1992 & 1993 hired by Trans Manche Link at Cheriton for Channel Tunnel construction
    • 1993 hired by Poole Harbour Commissioners
    • 1995 hired by United Engineering Steels (Alan Rowlands & Co Ltd) Tysley, Birmingham
  • 1976 - sold to Hays Chemicals Sandbach
  • 1999 - moved to Cheshire LPG in Helsby
  • 2000 - sold to Martin Bell Oswestry, Shropshire
  • 2003 - sold to Harry Needle Railroad Company - moved to Barrow Hill

0-6-0 DH Electric 'Stanton 50'

This locomotive arrived at KSE in June 2014 and is privately owned. It is powered by  twin Rolls Royce engines. C6SFL supercharged units totalling 440bhp @ 1,500 rev/min. Locomotive weight 48 tonnes. Max tractive effort 32,00 lb  

Prior to moving to KSE it was  based at the Nene Valley Railway and was originally purchased from the Yorkshire Engine Company (YEC) for use at Stanton Iron Works. A brief history of the locomotive is detailed below.

Arrival at KSE June 2014 (c) Stainmore Railway Company

Operational History

  • 30th September 1958 - completed at Meadowhall Works - Works No 2670
  • 1958 - delivered to Stanton Iron Works, Ilkeston, Derbyshire  
    • Stanton Iron Works was part of Stewart & Lloyds of Corby
    • The locomotive was the only 'Janus' type in the fleet of YEC diesels on the site
    • 1967 - nationalisation of the  British steel industry saw the company become part of the British Steel Corporation (BSC)
    • After that the blast furnace was closed leaving just steel production and pipe making at Stanton
  • 1973 - transferred to BSC coke ovens at Brookhouse near Sheffield
  • 1981 - transferred to Orgreave Works
  • August 1990 - closure of Orgreave - locomotive presented to Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society
  • 1990 - 1993 - on loan to Rutland Railway Museum, Cottesmore 
  • 1993 - purchased by the late Chris Jones
  • 26th July 1993 - moved to Nene Valley Railway, Cambridgeshire and refit commenced
  • Subsequently purchased by the Iron and Steel traction Group at Wansford on the Nene Valley

Yorkshire Engine  0-4-0 DH 305 

This locomotive arrived at KSE in 2007 having been donated by Corus Rail at Workington. The Workington plant was originally operated by British Steel and 305 is pictured below in action

The locomotive was painted yellow on arrival and it was repainted into Brunswick green to match the industrial locomotive liveries on site.

Despite the external appearance 305 is in full working order. Once we have an engine shed work will begin to restore its bodywork and overhaul it.

FC Tingey our industrial steam locomotive was invited to Corus 125 celebrations in 2002 and we had three days of glorious sunshine in Workington. By 2002 the plant was a shadow of its former glory days when 305 worked to haul huge loads around the site. This You Tube video shows the open day: Corus 125.

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