Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

As a shareholder, you are entitled to attend and vote at our shareholder meetings, have free admission to Open Days and footplate rides.

Shares cost £10 each and all shareholders get a certificate confirming their holding. Our company is a not for profit organisation and we do not distribute dividends. The real value of being a shareholder is knowing that you have played your part in saving KSE and helping to bring the site alive again.

Please consider becoming a shareholder and it is possible to be a joint shareholder (husband & wife, for example) at no extra cost. The certificate will be issued in joint names for up to two people.

Application form for shares

1370 Club  If you would be prepared to support the KSE project by contributing a minimum of  £10 per calendar month by standing order, you will help us meet our monthly outgoings (primarily mortgage and insurance) which are currently around £1,370. By contributing in this way, you would become a member of the '1370 Club' - contact details of which can be found below.


The Stainmore line’s history tells of the daily challenges railway staff faced working heavy trains in all weathers over the 1370 ft summit, involving a nine mile climb at an average of 1 in 70 above the spectacular Eden Valley. Today’s Stainmore Railway Company has succeeded in returning working steam trains to part of the route 50 years after it closed, and has planning permission for major developments which will help the huge potential of the project move closer to reality. However, echoing the challenges of the past, SRC must climb a daily mountain of fixed costs; in another echo of history, £1370 must be found every month before anything can be spent on progress.
To speed progress, we aim to ‘Climb the Summit’ by making the first 137 people who set up a £10 (or more) monthly standing order to buy SRC shares, members of our new, exclusive ‘1370 Club’.
Members will be invited to annual ‘1370 Club’ private events with exclusive attractions, receive a high-quality ‘1370 Club’ enamel lapel badge, and be entitled to free travel on all normal running days. Members will also be shareholders, and be invited to participate in all shareholder meetings. We are determined to restore as much as possible of the Stainmore line as a working heritage railway, using authentic locos and rolling stock. A solid foundation is in place; with your support, together we can recreate one of Britain’s great railways in the majestic Eden Valley. Please join us!
Individuals who already contribute £10 per calendar month by standing order will become
members of the ‘1370 Club’. If you are interested in this appeal please contact the secretary.

If you do not wish to be a shareholder, you can contribute to the work at SRC through an annual subscription to our newsletter. This is produced quarterly and costs £10 per year including P & P. Renewal of the subscription occurs each  December and a renewal notification is sent with the December issue. Those subscribing in the current year will not be asked to renew until December the following year. This enables us to have income in the winter months when we are undertaking maintenance and not running trains.

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