Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

When volunteers arrived at KSE in 1997 the building had been derelict for a number of years after the Wilkinson's bobbin factory business closed. The platform wells had been concreted in and the valley gutter that ran from the train shed roof to the main buildings was severely damaged. The rooms of the main building were all suffering from the effects of water ingress and following repair of the valley gutter work started on each room in turn. The concrete in the Darlington platform had to be dug out and the remaining bobbin factory equipment removed before track could be laid into the building. Temporary doors were manufactured for the building (it would be 2010 before they were replaced by permanent bespoke doors).

The rooms in the station building and their state of restoration are listed below

  • Motive Power Office & Porter's Office (fully restored - now the Shop)
  • Foreman's Office (not restored - no public access)
  • Booking Office (fully restored - now the Education Room)
  • Booking Hall (fully restored - includes children's play area) 
  • General Waiting Room (fully restored -now the small exhibits museum)
  • Station Master's Office (fully restored)
  • Ladies Waiting Room (partially restored - staff room no public access)
  • Toilets (fully operational but awaiting further restoration and upgrade)
The Station Master's Office has been restored to its original colour scheme, lime plaster has been used and a new wooden floor aged to look old. The colour scheme of the interior rooms is LNER as when the building was found the exterior had been repainted in Midland maroon  but the interior left in the LNER scheme

The Booking Hall still has the original glass from the 1860's and the actual grille for the l booking office was found in the toilet block. We have set up a children's play area in he booking hall for Thomas and Friends, Underground Ernie and colouring amongst other things