Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

In 1962, the Stainmore route closed to passengers and the last train was on Saturday 20th January. Unusually for a Cumbrian winter, there was no snow at Stainmore Summit (the highest point of the line) that day. Passengers raced out of the train for final photographs as the train continued on towards Kirkby Stephen East. More details about the Stainmore Limited can be found on our Stainmore 150 website.

The Stainmore summit signs were cut down soon after closure and removed to the National Railway Museum at York and 'Head of Steam' at Darlington. As a tribute to all those who worked on the Stainmore Route, SRC decided to commission and install a replica sign at the summit for the Stainmore 150 event. The sign is visible from the A66 and is a permanent memorial to the Stainmore Route.

Installation of the replica of the Stainmore summit sign was made possible by donations from private individuals (listed below) who contributed towards the costs of manufacture of the sign which was laser cut at Hydram Engineering at Chilton in Co Durham.

Mark Keefe and a number of volunteers erected the replica  summit sign in August 2011

The next day it was unveiled by Steve Davies MBE in the presence of a number of Stainmore enthusiasts who had been driven to the site by Cumbria Classic Coaches

Thank you to all those individuals who donated money towards the costs of the summit sign

W Allan - N Yorkshire; M Anderson - N Yorkshire; D Atkinson- Northamptonshire; M & W Atkinson - Derbyshire; J Ashmead- Cumbria; R Bannister - Lancashire; P Barella - Tyne & Wear; J & C Bradford - Gt Manchester;  D Brown - Co Durham;  E Brown - N Yorkshire; C Castle - Cumbria , Mr & Mrs Flint - Lancashire; D Ford - Devon; C Foster - N Yorkshire; A Greenhalgh - Cumbria; D Greenhalgh - Cumbria; M Griffith - Co Durham;  Mr & Mrs Griffiths - Scotland;  N & K Guy - Cumbria; G Jackson - Warwickshire; K Johnson - Co Durham; RJR Kearney - Essex; M & S Keefe - Cumbria; BJ Lawton - Co Durham ; R Loffill - Cumbria; WP Lynch - Manchester; P Marsden - Lancashire; A Martin - Lancashire; P & G Meadows - Suffolk; J Middleton - Lancashire;  P Mitford - Co Durham; G Morrison - Teesside; SH Moses - Lancashire; Q Nichols - Warwickshire; E Oates - Staffordshire; C Oxley - New Zealand; B Petch - Cumbria; A Prosser - W Yorkshire; D Reed- Co Durham; TJ Richardson - Cumbria, D Sayers - Co Durham; MN Simpson - Lancashire; H Snowden - Channel Islands; FK Spark - Cumbria; PG Spence - Teesside;  D Statham - Derbyshire; The Steele Family - Cumbria; IH Taylor - Co Durham; JP Thompson - Cambridgeshire; JA Tuft - Cumbria ; F Walmsley - Cumbria; J Walton - Cumbria  J Wilde - Lancashire; C Williamson - Suffolk; J Wilson - Cumbria.