Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East

New volunteers are always welcome 

You can be a volunteer without being a shareholder and we have a wide range of activities to suit all ages and abilities. 

Our volunteers range in age from 9 - 90 years and we have a large number of female volunteers as well as men. Volunteers under 16 years of age have to have parental consent to work on the site.

There are people on site every weekend and there is also a ‘midweek gang’. 

Our station cat keeps an eye on proceedings and the kettle is on the go most of the day.

A number of families have embraced the KSE volunteering bug such as the Keefe family from Kirkby Stephen, the Rayner family from Barnard Castle and Yorkshire and the Yates' from Bourne End.

Mark, Ellie and Sue Keefe at Wharram preparing the area for retrieval of the water tank 

We have had a number of young volunteers who have used volunteering at KSE to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Some of our volunteers do so remotely such as Grant, who although when still in school and living in Merseyside set up our Facebook page and is one of its administrators. Grant is now at University in Glasgow but still volunteers for us. Barry lives in Lancashire and runs our Ebay sales and distributes our publicity leaflets. Alex lives in the Lake District and makes videos about the project which he showcases on his Trings Trains site. We also have volunteers who help man our sales stands at events around the area so there are jobs for everyone.

We  asked our volunteers to tell us why they come and volunteer at KSE and their answers included the following:

  • 'It is a great way to meet new friends' (Ann)
  • 'It is fun and I have learnt a lot of new skills' (Robin)
  • 'It has given me something to do after retirement' (Kevin)
  • 'You can work at your own pace' (Diana)
  • 'There are lots of different things to do and it is nice to work in a team' (Phil)
  • 'I came because of my husband and found that their is plenty to do even if you are not particularly interested in trains' (Sue)

If you want to volunteer why not email the secretary and we will arrange for you to be shown around the site one weekend. You can just call in at a weekend but it is best to choose a weekend when we don't have an event or operating day for you first visit as we will not be able to show you around as easily when we are operating trains. Our opening hours for volunteers are 10am - 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year but we do close for Christmas.

Whether you can spare a few hours once in a while or can volunteer regularly you are most welcome. Many of our roles do not require any special skills and you can learn the skills needed for specific jobs.